Lawn Tractors

Husqvarna TS112

Husqvarna Series™ Engine - 13.8hp - 38" Cutting Width

Compact yet powerful garden tractor offers intuitive operation and delivers excellent results on large open lawns.

Husqvarna TS114

Husqvarna Series™ Engine - 14.8hp - 38" Cutting Width

Reliable garden tractor delivers an exceptional mowing experience on any large lawn - even in narrow passages.

Husqvarna TS142T

Husqvarna Series™ V-Twin Engine - 764cc - 42" Cutting Width 

Compact side discharge tractor with smart, user-friendly design, developed for use in small to mid-size gardens. Equipped with pedal-operated, hydrostatic transmission, 15" deluxe seat and ergonomic steering wheel.

Husqvarna TS142TXD

Kawasaki FR Series™ V-Twin - 21.5hp - 42" Cutting Width

Ideal for homeowners and landowners with larger gardens who need a durable and comfortable tractor with high manouerability.

Husqvarna TS242TXD

Kawasaki FR Series™ V-Twin - 21.5hp - 42" Cutting Width

Ideal for regular use in medium-sized to large gardens. It is characterised by the 107cm wide ClearCut™ cutting deck, the intelligent user-friendly design and the simple starting process by turning the key.

Husqvarna TS248TXD

Kawasaki FR Series™ V-Twin - 23.0hp - 48" Cutting Width

A powerful and comfortable side discharge tractor with sturdy ClearCut™ deck for medium to large-sized gardens. Hydrostatic with automatic transmission for easy, trouble-free operation that gives superior traction in slippery conditions and slopes.

Husqvarna TS354

Kawasaki FR Series V-Twin - 24.0hp - 54" Cutting Width

Premium tractor with ClearCut™ fabricated deck, heavy-duty transmission with electric diff lock and superior comfort features.

Husqvarna TC114

Husqvarna Series™ Engine - 14.8hp - 38" Cutting Width with 250L rear collector

This reliable effective garden tractor maximises every cut. Packed with carefully selected  features and spring-assisted cutting deck lets you cut in comfort.

Husqvarna TC242TX

Kawasaki FR Series V-Twin - 21.5hp - 42" Cutting Width

A powerful, durable and comfortable tractor with pedal-operated transmission, cruise control and automatic diff lock for superior traction.

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